Is it 9 pm yet


i just overheard a back to school commercial say that there’s 48 days of summer vacation left and i instinctively glared at the tv and whispered “no” before i remembered i graduated high school 2 years ago

not gonna have internet at home until wednesday because UUUURGH moving really sucks


hearin a really shitty pun

makin a really shitty pun


As beloved as their films are this is still one of the top five things Pixar will ever produce

Work is oddly therapeutic so hopefully that’ll make me feel better. Off I go

zeebelee he’s looking for something at a recommended res of 300 dpi, and the file formats he’s suggested are jpg, tiff or pdf. It’d probably be best if it was something that can be resized and shit without losing its clarity like you showed me with that tavros sprite a while back haha

OH and the standard business card dimensions in inches is 2 x 3.5 inches

zeebelee - shore. Are you gonna wanna wait to start working on the business card crap until after the move? I don’t want to bug you if you don’t want to draw this week cause of stress, and cindys buggin me to have stuff to show aside from my rough drafts for some dumbass reason so if you want I can do them myself, its no big deal to me c:

zeebelee - just got it now bc my phone is fuckin stupid but yeah ill get some

Uooooh wow my nerves are stuck cranked to 11 now and I can’t get myself to calm down cool